CAPTCHA Dilemma of Digital Accessibility

Have you ever encountered those squiggly letters or fuzzy images that seem like a secret code to prove you are not a bot? Yes, we are talking about CAPTCHAs – those little gatekeepers of online security. But here’s the catch: while CAPTCHAs safeguard digital spaces, they have unintentionally built walls for people with disabilities. Are […]

Gaia-X: Transforming Europe’s Digital Landscape with Sovereignty and Collaboration 

In an era defined by data, Europe’s digital landscape stands at a pivotal juncture. As the world witnesses an exponential surge in the generation and utilization of digital information, the need for robust frameworks ensuring data sovereignty, security, and interoperability has never been more pressing. Enter Gaia-X – a visionary initiative poised to redefine the […]

Digital Transformation In Banking And Need Of Product Driven Organisations 

The banking industry is going through a massive transformation due to digital disruption. In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive environment, traditional banking practices are no longer sufficient to meet the growing demands of customers.     To stay relevant and thrive in this digital era, banks must embrace technological advancements and adopt a product-driven organizational structure. […]

Insights from the EU Innovation Scoreboard 2023

The European Innovation Scoreboard reveals the current state of innovation in EU member states, categorizing them into leaders, strong innovators, moderate innovators, and emerging innovators. Here are the specific results and my opinion.